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Audit Reports

The AGO is required to submit audit reports on the financial statements of all the accountable agencies to the Accountable Officers by 31st May of every year, pursuant to section 36 (a) of the Law on Public Finance (Law No. 3/2006). Section 35 (a) of the same law also stipulates that the accountable officer of the accountable agencies to submit their financial statements to the Auditor General for audit by 31st March every year. The AG is also required to submit the audit report on the consolidated financial statements of the State by 14th June of every year, pursuant to section 39 of the Law on Public Finances (Law No. 3/2006).

The Financial Statements comprise the following documents: 

  1. The approved budget estimate for the year
  2. The Actual revenue and expenditure for the year ended
  3. A report of the operations of the agency in that financial year
These statements have to be prepared in accordance with  Public Finance Act (2006), Public Finance Regulation and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS - Cash basis)