The provisions relating to asset declaration in the Constitution and the applicable statutes require public officials to declare their income, assets and liabilities. The Constitution of Maldives and enabling legislation governing the work of Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Anti-corruption Commission (ACC), Elections Commission (EC) and Prosecutor General (PG) require the President of Maldives, Vice- President of Maldives, Cabinet Ministers, Members of JSC, Members of ACC, Members of EC and the PG to declare their assets to the Auditor General. They are required to submit their Asset Declarations upon appointment, annually during office, and upon leaving it.

Asset declaration aims to increase transparency and the trust of citizens in public administration, by disclosing information about assets of public officials that shows their commitment to the principle of transparency. It also aims to monitor wealth variations of public officials, in order to dissuade them from misconduct and protect them from false accusations, and to help clarify the full scope of illicit enrichment or other illegal activity by providing additional evidence.