Procedure to obtain information from Auditor General’s Office

This procedure is composed to enable the provision of information in compliance with the Act No: 1/2014 (Right to Information Act).

Under the Right to Information Act, any request for information can be made through the “Right to Information Form” available to download from our website or the “Right to Information Form” by Information Commissioner’s Office. The process of obtaining information shall follow the steps detailed below:

1. The completed form can be submitted as a hard copy to the reception of AGO during working hours or a soft copy of the completed form can be mailed to [email protected]. In circumstances where the person requesting for information is incapable of submitting the request in writing, we will offer assistance in filling and completing the right to information form. 

2. Upon receiving the form, reception will register the request on DMS and forward to the Information Officer. 

3. Upon receiving the form, the reception will provide a signed receipt of the RTI form to AGO in cases where the submission is a hard copy of the form. And the Information Officer will send a confirmation email to the sender, specifying the date when the form was received in the cases where the form was submitted through email.

4. The information Officer will respond to the request for information in accordance per the Right to Information Act and the Right to Information Regulation.
If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Information Officer directly via the contact details provided on the home page of our website.

Right to Information Form

Created Date: 05 Aug 2019 | Last Changed : 05 Aug 2019 | pdf

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