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Assistant Auditor Generals

Mr. Mohamed Hussain

Technical and Legal Services Division

Mr. Mohamed Hussain is one of the pillars of Auditor General’s Office with over 30 years of service since 1978. He had the privilege of working with five Auditors General at the top management. 

Mr. Mohamed Hussain is a principle centred-leader who is emulated as a role model in work ethics and personal integrity with significant contribution to AGO.

The AGO is indebted for Mr Mohamed Hussain’s immense and invaluable contributions to the development of this organization.

Mr. Ibrahim Aiman

VFM, C. & S. Audit S. Division

Mr. Ibrahim Aiman is currently the Assistant Auditor General at AGO, in charge of the Value for Money, Compliance and Special Audit Division. Aiman has served AGO for 12 years, during this period he has served at different levels of AGO starting from the Assistant Auditor Post. Before assuming the post of the Assistant Auditor General he was the Director for Compliance and Special Audit. He has spearheaded vital audit assignments which lead to criminal investigation and prosecutions.

Aiman has witnessed the transformation and modernisation process of the AGO and has been a key figure in the process which commenced after the enactment of the Audit Act in 2007.

Prior to joining AGO, he has served at the Ministry of finance and Treasury for four years and was actively involved in the formulation and compilation of the national budget and the National Procurement section at the Ministry, hence Mr. Aiman is well versed with the public financial management.

Mr. Aiman is also an IDI-PSC ISSAI accredited facilitator for Compliance Audit and has delivered various capacity development programs to the SAI’s of Asia and Pacific Region. 

Aiman has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and has Master’s Degree in Finance.

Ms. Shirumeena Hussain

Financial Audit Services Division

Ms Shirumeena Hussain joined Auditor General’s Office in 1997 as Audit Accountant (Trainee). She has a career spanning over 20 years in AGO and throughout this period she has worked in different Audit Departments of the Organization.

Until her appointment as an Assistant Auditor General, she was the Director of Compliance and Special Audit Department. Ms Shirumeena also served as the Manager of Performance Audit, where she was actively involved in the initial development of the Performance Audit Department. She was also involved in different roles in the Financial Audit Department, where she held the position low as Audit Accountant (Trainee) to high as a Manager of Financial Audit Department.

Ms Shirumeena is a Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).  She also holds Master of Professional Accounting, from La Trobe University of Australia and Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from ACCA/Oxford Brookes University Degree Partnership.